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Andaman 5N/6D
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Andaman Island

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands were shrouded in mystery for centuries because of their inaccessibility. These are the paragon of beauty and present a landscape full with scenic and picturesque extravaganza. These islands shimmer like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal. The dense forest which cover these islands and the innumerable exotic flowers and birds create a highly poetic and romantic atmosphere. "Here the white beaches on the edge of a meandering coastline have palm trees that sway to the rhythm of the Sea. The beat of tribal drums haunt the stillness and technicolour fish steer their way through crystal clear water." This addition of strangeness to beauty which is responsible for creating the infinite romantic impact may be described in the following famous lines of Keats.

"Charmed magic casement opening on the foam Of perilous seas in fair lands forlorn."

The scenic beauty of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, would create a sense of dissatisfaction and the human mind would rebel against "the whole mass of the motley facts of life". He would be guided by an irresistible desire to this paradise on earth, with invincible faith on the philosophy of Wordsworth:

"Our cheerful faith, that all which we behold is full of blessing".

The Andaman & Nicobar are a group of picturesque Islands, big and small, inhabited and uninhabited, a total of 572 islands, islets and rocks lying in the South Eastern Part of the Bay of Bengal.They lie along an arc in long and narrow broken chain, approximately North-South over a distance nearly 800 kms. . It is logical to presume a former land connection form Cape Negris at South part of Burma to Achin Head (Cape Pedro) in Andalas (Sumatra). The flora and fauna of these islands, however, indicate that this land connection if it existed, should have been prior to the development of their present life form.

The various places which can be visited in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are,

  1. City trip – consisting of,Cellular jail, Fisheries museum(called aquarium, situated near the Andaman water sports complex. Varieties of corals and lot of marine life collections can be seen here), Samudrika - Marine museum(This is run by Indian Navy. Varieties of shells and marine life collections can be seen here too), Anthropological Museum ( situated at Port Blair. Details of tribes living in Andaman can be seen here. Arts and handicrafts of these tribes are also can be seen), Forest museum (Depicts the forest activities and the sawmill miniature models. This museum is set by the forest department), Mini zoo , Sagarika – cottage industry and emporium (shopping place), Khadi gramodoyg Emporium (Wooden crafts, shell crafts and khadi items are available for shopping), Gandhi park (a relaxing place situated at the heart of Port Blair. Japanese temples, water sports are available here), Chatham saw mill (This is the oldest and biggest saw mill in Asia), Corbyn's cove beach (Nearer to this beach, resorts (both government and private) are also available), Water sports complex (All kind of water sports facilities like wind surfing, scuba diving, speed boat round etc… are available here).

  2. Viper island. One hour sea journey (Harbour cruise) from Phoenix Bay Jetty of Andaman. Main interest in this island is the open space jail which was constructed before the construction of Cellular Jail. It is also called Women jail.

  3. North bay, This beach is 15 to 20 minutes journey by sea from Phoenix Bay Jetty at Port blair.

  4. Ross island, the then capital of Andaman And Nicobar islands. This island is now under Indian Navy. This is just 20minutes sea journey from Phoenix Bay Jetty of Port Blair.

  5. Mahatma Gandhi marine national park, around 30 Kms from Port Blair. This is situated at the place called Wandoor. The place Wandoor, has got an excellent beach.

  6. Jolly buoy. This place is very famous for under water corals and the pristine clear beach. This place is one hour sea journey from Wandoor. Snorkeling and scuba diving available here.

  7. Red skin island. Available in the same Mahatma Gandhi Marine national park. This island is also famous for under water corals and marine life.

  8. Havelock island. This island is famous for its golden sand beach and bluish sea water. Four hours Sea journey from Port Blair.

  9. Baratang , Located at Middle Andaman. The journey is through thick, dense forest area. The forest area journey is about 50Kms.

  10. Limestone caves near Baratang jetty. The Sea journey is through boats, 45minutes to one hour journey.

  11. Mud Volcano, near Baratang jetty. 20 minutes journey by road.

  12. Rangat. 170Kms (6 hours journey) by road and 90 Kms by sea from Port Blair. Biggest town in the middle Andaman.

  13. Diglipur. North Andaman, 290 Kms away from Port Blair. Journey runs through Jarwan tribal reserve.

  14. Chidiyatapu. Approximately 30Kms from Portblair city towards south. A must visit place for Sun set.

  15. Hut bay islands. Over 100Kms from the main city Port Blair. The transportation is provided by inter island shipping services.

  16. Mount Harriet. 55Kms from Port Blair by road. Ferry facility available to reach the place. Forest guest house (huts) at a height of 365 mts (above sea level) are available for staying.
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