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This beautiful country is a wonderful destination for travellers and adventurers looking for an escape from tourist areas. Still relatively secluded, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is located just off the East Coast of Africa. Its unique biodiversity and landscapes make it an ideal spot for anyone looking for an eclectic tour. Below Wild Frontiers is giving you a full list of what Madagascar is famous for. 

About 300 miles east of southern Africa, across the Mozambique Channel, lies the island of Madagascar. Best known for its lemurs (primitive relatives of monkeys, apes, and humans), colorful chameleons, stunning orchids, and towering baobab trees, Madagascar is home to some of the world's most unique flora and fauna.

Madagascar's tourist attractions include its beaches and biodiversity. The island's endemic wildlife and forests are unique tourist attractions. However, historical sites, craftsmen communities, and relaxed cities make it a favorite with return travellers.

A race against time. Lemurs are the most endangered mammals on earth. Protecting them and their only natural habitat of Madagascar — an island famous for its endemic plants and animals, and one of the world's most threatened biodiversity hotspots — is a race against time.

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